Fashion, Portrait, Celebrity and Advertising.

Dario Gargiulo and Misja Alblas are a combination New Zealand- Dutch photography duo, currently operating in The Netherlands.

Their story is very unique in the fact that they both come from performance backgrounds: Dario having studied classical violin and piano, then moving on to a 25 year career in theatre and dance, and Misja from Business College, moving on to pursue an acting career.       
They joined forces in 2003 when they formed Rayzor Sharp Unlimited, a television format company that saw them operating in France and Los Angeles, working with companies such as Madonna’s Maverick Films and Sony Pictures International. 
In a move to support the presentation of their television formats, they bought a DSLR to create the appropriate images they needed to sell their particular ideas but within no time, however, they were also shooting portraits of actors and performance artists.

On their return to Amsterdam, and while co-producing their successful television format “De Ultieme Woondroom”  for SBS6, the photography took flight, and they decided to concentrate specifically on that.                                                     
For both artists, photography has become a passion where all past experience can be brought together.
For over ten years, Dario & Misja have worked with celebrities, artists and fashion brands, developing the name as the go-to photographers for brand image creation.

Videography is also an integral addition to their skill set, having already filmed music video clips for artists such as Leonie Meijer and Wulf and short fashion and backstage films.

They are very diverse and service orientated with the ability to understand and conform to a clients needs and develop a concept and images tailored specifically for them.